Krystyna Giżowska  

giżowska - życiorysBorn in Wałbrzych, brought up in Człuchow she started her carrier on stage in Koszalin. She spent some time in Warsaw, later to move to ŁódĽ where she has been living for many years now. Her songs are known to European, American and Asian audience. She studied home trade and is a trained economist, but she has never had the chance to work in this field. Fascinated by stage shows, encouraged by awards won at local competitions and festivals she decided to become a singer. First, she joined the Dance and Song Group "Transportowiec" in Koszalin, and soon became the solo artist in Ryszard Balicki and Ryszard Poznakowski's big band. In 1968 she reached the top final of "Song Exchange" - a national competition for amateur singers. This first success gave her the possibility to take part in the amateur competition within the song festivals in Zielona Góra (FPR) and Kołobrzeg (FPŻ), where she was awarded the second prize. A year later she received the audience award in Kołobrzeg. She started to sing for Flotilla, the professional artistic group of the Navy. She cooperated with them for five years (1971-76), at the same time perfecting her musical and stage skills with her tutor - Danuta Baduszkowa, the artistic manager of the group and the director of the Musical Theatre in Gdynia. In 1976 she made her debut as a solo artist at the International Song Festival in Soczi. She was the second prize winner and got offers from concert agencies from German Democratic Republic. Her name appeared more and more often in revue shows, on the radio and TV. Soon she was among European song stars which had permanent contract with Friedrichstadt Palaste - a famous revue of that time. For seven years she performed almost exclusively there. She returned on home stage in 1981. She made numerous albums and recordings for the Polish Radio archives with the orchestras of Henrych Debich, Zbigniew Górny,Jerzy Milian and Aleksander Maliszewski. She performed in TV recitals in Poznań, Gdańsk, Wrocław, Katowice, ŁódĽ and Warsaw, e.g. "Spotkanie z gwiazd±" ("A meeting with a star") and "Bo ten demon charleston" ("For this demon charleston").

As a group, with Ewa ¦nieżanka and Kazimierz Kowalski, they were the second prize winners at Coupe d'Europe in Villach (Austria) in 1977. She won the first prize for interpretation at Hit Festival in Rostok (GDR) in 1978, the third place and the audience award at the Song Festival of Dresden in 1979. In 1981 she won the Grand Prix at the Karlshamn Festival (Sweden) and at the International Song Festival - Sopot'84 for Blue Box. She has toured abroad, many times in GDR, GFR and Czechoslovakia and France, Japan, Mongolia, Cuba and for Polish people living in the USA and Canada.

Most known albums:

LP K. Giżowska: Jestem jak inne (I'm like others) Muza 1982

LP K. Giżowska: Nie było ciebie tyle lat (You haven't been here for so many years)Wifon 1985

LP K. Giżowska Muza 1987

CD K. Giżowska: Złote przeboje (Gold Hits)Top Music 1992

CD K. Giżowska: W drodze do Fontainebleau (On the way to Fontainebleau) Top Music 1994

CD K. Giżowska: Złote przeboje, złote obrączki (Gold Hits, gold wedding rings) Music 2000 1996

CD K. Giżowska: Najpiękniejsze kolędy (The most beautiful Christmas carols) Akar 1998

CD K. Giżowska and the scout group Krajki: Kosmiczna deskorolka (A Cosmic skateboard)Akar 1999

CD K. Giżowska: Anthology part 1 Akar 2000

CD K. Giżowska: Anthology part 2 Akar 2000

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